I’ve sewn for the majority of my life. As a young child, I remember being piled into an aluminum fishing boat with my parents and 3 older brothers. Life vest on, I snuggled between the seats and bags of food and fishing gear; and played a “sewing” game that involved shoelaces and wooden cards with evenly spaced holes in them. I threaded the cards together in every way that I could. Stacked atop one another, hinged. accordioned.

All practice for making the Scarab Dress, some thirty odd years later – which is shown here in Houston at FashionX in 2018. Instead of wooden cards, I wove together bottle caps, cut up tent poles and costume jewelry. And rather than a shoelace, I used strips of bicycle inner tube to tie them together. The dress is stretchy and heavy and bounces. It is so much fun to wear. I think of myself as a scarab. A beetle that turns waste into new life. And the materials for this dress were close to my heart as well. Jewelry from my husband’s family and bottle caps from the dear friends, who were so happy to indulge the obsessive task of saving caps.

Top left was my first bottle cap creation. Shown at the San Antonio River Authority’s opening of Confluence Park in 2016. Yes, that IS Mr. Pinata in the front row! Celebrities up front, please. Two jackets that have since been taken apart and me in a pair of pants. Those pants were surprisingly comfortable – I rode my bike to the event pictured; though these too, have been deconstructed. (More on that later).



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