I’m a native Texan, and award-winning costume and fashion designer. I’ve made and collaborated on wedding dresses, costumes, and art.

I’m Ruth Waddy-an artist using recycled materials in Maui, Hawaii.

I’m thrilled to be living my dream of making art from manmade things that I find or have collected over the years. I operate from the premise that I have everything that I need; and that the next thing required, will present itself to me with ease and clarity. I am inspired and excited to create.

What I Do

Design and draw ideas

Manage production

Source material

Document completed creations

Past Experiences

Freelance Costume Designer
I’ve worked in Oregon with Portland Playhouse, Coho Theatre, Milagro Theater, The Newport Visual Arts Center; and artists MK Guth and Storm Tharpe.

Fashion Designer
I made my first wedding dress in 2016, I love clothing brides on their special day. I’ve presented recycled garments in fashion weeks in Portland, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

(1971 – now)
I consider my self as an artist from birth. Making things with my hands is my purest joy. I’ve hosted Open Studios in Portland and Austin, and participated in Art Festivals and gallery shows in Oregon and Texas.

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